Thursday, January 13, 2011

jangan rapuh sgt.

shuh.pegi jawoh2.bad feeling comes again.


yes.i admit dulu even small things pon akn di share dgn org yg sgt rapat.

but now,we are no longer.we dont share things like we used to,we dont care for each other like we did before.NO,WE DIDNT DO THOSE THINGS FOR QUITE SOME TIME..

bile smtg jd kat fb td,i almost called you.i used to listen to u nk buat ape.

but then,kene realise la.its different now.

bad feelings.please go away.get off! :|

p/s : i dont dedicate songs to random people.and i always wanted to share this song with you.but gile impossible kot dgn situation skrg.boleh faham x sedih? wish things can get back to normal.

sy fragile,kdg2 sy rndu.fullstop!


Anonymous said...

post ni rasa mcm 'dekat' je ngan sayaaa... ^.^
anyway, kuatkan semangat, jgn tlampau fikirkan sgt.. :) Things do not change, we changee xD

nurul eeman said...

yes.exactly ain nadiah sofiah.
dan thanks ye mcik! :)