Tuesday, May 28, 2013

simulation lab test!

Today, in the morning, i thought, today akan jadi another normal day, like always.

Yes, started my day with SCCL physiology from 8-1130..

straight away, dr ali's pathology for another hour..

and really, i was already concentrated but not yet, saturated :P

at 2, i had my practical exam in simulation lab. we did class 4 cavity in the phantom's mouth.

i was quite risau bec the last 2 prac, ade certain gigi yg i passed and ade je k yg failed bec MEMANG SUSAH! blurgh..

but today, yeay! alhamdulillah. i managed to do it well. and dr ali said, my central incisor's cavity was good :) *clap clap*

Ala, i know. ramai lagi orang yg tere. tp bia la kan, nk crite jugak..

in case u dont know what a cavity means, ini contoh cavity yg i did mase prektis. kite selalu dgr gigi kene tampal kena tampal sebab da berlubang... so cavity ni dibuat, sebelum proses penampalan ( filling). 

so tadaa, my one is not good enough, tp i guess, it was a good try. puiii HAHAHA

hihi. lets just hope, i can do better in real life patients. inshaAllah! :)

eeman G