Sunday, January 23, 2011

cuti habis.


hahaha.malasss ohh malasss.malas balik banting.haha.

cuti ni bermakne ke tak? tgk pndangan lah.kalau bak kate ummie mmg rugi smate2 katenye.psal cuti ni plg mls menghadap buku.

well as for me,xpela.cuti..cutila.kat mtric dah stdy. *ayt nk sdpkan hati.hahaha.

yes,ptg ni im off to balik adelah raye cine.

oh.alhamdulillah.setelah berbulan bulan cari jwpn yg dah lame nk tau,finally i found it.although final solution xbrape clear,at least ape yg slame ni nk ckp dah ckp.the clearification wasnt that bad. *ape yg kamu merepekkk ni eemannnn? haha.

i just want things can get back to normal mcm dulu.those days that i do not have to worry and do not have to concern about STORIES.those days that i'm strong enough to face on :)

okey.zaman itu sgt indah ye.yes,i am so thankfull for regaining my own faith back.

all that i want now are..

perform in my stdy.and be niceee to semue org.appreciate my precious teen life.haha.jgn nk teen sgt.dah nk 19 faham tak tahun ni?! deyy.hahaha.

nurul eeman.sile pulang ke bnting utk stdy dgn hati yg happy.jgn risau psl bnd lain.insyaAllah..everytg goes well.have some faith.focus on what u r doing n keep believing with your guts yg dlu u used to believe.kannn?? ape2,back to Allah.ummie ayah abe kakak and kak comey will always be there for you.they love you and they always do.kamon eeman.kamon! semue akan okey kan? :) YES!

-nurul eeman gashlan ^.^

Friday, January 21, 2011

broga hill and choc fondue


at last lahh kann..

bnd yg dah berbulan2 nk buat finally dpt buat last sunday!

yeah.pasal broga mmg as planned, nk gerak pukol 3.45pagi.
i woke up at 3 psl nk prepare siket2.dah siap2 pakai tudung..

kejot kkk n abe.n they were like 'aaa..mcm x pegi je kot..'

hekkk? helllooo.adik dah siap2 da ni kot.

hmmm..plan punye plan kitorg rncg pukol 8.30 jmp kat rumah ayah de which is dekat sg ramal dalam kajang.

sah2 la kene mkn dulu..then gerak g broga dgn xtau jlnnye finally smpi kat klape sawit tu pukol 10jugak kot.

oh of course i was like happy gile.mmg dah lame nk g broga tp xberkesempatan.hehe.

oh.ahli pendaki termasuklah mommmaah and unteyhh.diorg sgt cool okehh x)

ehh.tgk je la gmbr.heeee :))

oh.dan ini ahli2 pendaki + kak di

rehak meta.ummie tok cekak doh ni.haha

the mommah!

gamba wojik.hehe.

mmg la kan kemey syg korg.hahhaa.

gmbr plg suke.gmbr adlin :)

gmbr kedue suke.jgn nk kebun sgt yeh korang! hahaha

kemey bukan yakna.itu yg psti.haha.

and of course mstlah gmbr i~ haha :)

then the whole evening we stayed at rumah ayah de.pnt punye psl.

at night,we as in kcomey and i picked up suhail at lrt ampang park.suhail dah lame nk blanje choc fondue.yeah.I DOOO LIKE IT.BOLEH FAHAM X? hahaha.

senanyekan.jd ank last ni not bad jugak.byk peluang2 mcm ni kite dpt dari insan2 yang bakal memasuki family.insyaAllah...

to suhail and kcomey,mksd adik..BELANJE LAH ADIK LAGI! hahaha.

oh ini choc fondue nye.hamekk niihh

oh.lupe nk ckp dgn ba kalau pilihkan calon nnt mst yg suke bawak eemey mkn ice-cream.xblnje shopping pon xpe.makan tu penting.yummmyy~ *gile! ^.^

thanks to those yg made my sunday mnjd sgt memorable :)
16/01/11 was indeed cool.bermakne la siket cuti kali ni.haha.
later baby~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

raden ain nabilah binti hambali :)

inilah jadi kalau da rndu raden sgt.

dear,i just read your blog.

and i miss you.i miss our old days.sgt2 :|

haiihh.mmg la rndu sgt kann :))

before masuk mtrc,before raden g us :|



"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together"
- Woodrow Wilson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Katy McAllister

mls ckp byk.dgr je lagu ni okai? :)

So here is to the heartbreakers
Who are so good at hiding all the evidence of them pretending.
All along who were we kidding?

You think that it is over,
When did it ever begin?
Don’t pretend like he was ever interested.
He may have had you fooled by,
The way he looked into your eyes.
But no he really looked right through, through it all.
He could swear he never meant it,
Act like you’re overreacting,
But he’s the tool who shouldn’t have been acting.
How are they the ones attracting us?

Here’s to the heartbreakers
Who are so good at hiding all the evidence of them pretending.
All along who were we kidding?
I could find a man and not a boy.
Yeah you’ll see what you’re missing.
Yes I’m fine now, thanks for asking.
Here’s to the fakers
Here’s to the heartbreakers!

You try to play his games but
Then you’re the one who’s being confusing.
He’ll keep using that old line,
You could just tell me you don’t have the time.
But no, you wanna leave me hanging.
What’s the point in all of my waiting?

I’m the one who’s noticing you,
Guess that makes me obsessed with you.
I turn your flaws into beauty,
And you’re seeing this as a bad thing.
Are you kidding me?
Yeah well, you’re the one who’ll be missing me.

So here is to the heartbreakers
Who are so good at keeping us around
While still keeping our confidence down.
Do you feel as if you own me?
I could find a man and not a boy.
Yeah you’ll see what you’re missing.
Yes I’m fine now, thanks for asking.
Here’s to the takers
Here’s to the heartbreakers!

This is the story of a girl who builds her own thoughts.
She has the faith that he’ll be more than what she only thinks she
She’s seen the bitter truth
But when someone is looking right at you,
It’s hard to see through the lying eyes
When you’re mesmerized.
Yeah I’m mesmerized.

So here’s to you, the heartbreaker
All along who was I kidding?
And now for you, the heartbreaker
Who was so good at keeping me around
While still keeping my confidence down.

Well you’ll never own me.
You’ll never even have me…

Cause I could find a man and not a boy.
Yes you’ll soon see what you’re missing.
Did you get what you came for?
Yeah, you’re a heartbreaker.
Let me give you a little more.

You know who you are… this one’s for you.

p/s: i'm dedicating this song to u.yeah YOU! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

jangan rapuh sgt.

shuh.pegi jawoh2.bad feeling comes again.


yes.i admit dulu even small things pon akn di share dgn org yg sgt rapat.

but now,we are no longer.we dont share things like we used to,we dont care for each other like we did before.NO,WE DIDNT DO THOSE THINGS FOR QUITE SOME TIME..

bile smtg jd kat fb td,i almost called you.i used to listen to u nk buat ape.

but then,kene realise la.its different now.

bad feelings.please go away.get off! :|

p/s : i dont dedicate songs to random people.and i always wanted to share this song with you.but gile impossible kot dgn situation skrg.boleh faham x sedih? wish things can get back to normal.

sy fragile,kdg2 sy rndu.fullstop!

alhamdulillah ;]


finally,hbes jugak si exam ni.

ye.sgt bersyukur.akhirnye cuti jugak.haha.

dan duduk dirumah ni mmg sgt best lah uolss.besakan perot.haha

oh.ckp psl perot besar,skrg dgn sukerela sy mengaku diri sy bertmbh besar.berat badan tiade ragu2.bertmbh sbyk 1.5kg.gilo apo?!

itu juge mengundang tekanan kpd diri.pasal mcm xselesa utk menampung saiz badan skrg.haha.

org kate badan naik sbb happy.mksdnye i gain weight because i'm happy? duduk banting dikatekan happy? wohh! gile ah.haha

it was sooooo gooood sooo niceeee to see ummie tghari td.rndu tahap dewa~

Eeman G-

Sunday, January 9, 2011



woah! ini adelah second post dlm masa satu hari.yezaaa.

9th jan 2011.A VERY BIG DEAL telah dibuat.

i just agreed with ba's idea.he said he will find 'someone' for me.and he gave a few reasons why he wanna choose for me.

n mgkin this sudden idea dtg at the correct time.skrg tgh anytg,i'll just let ummie ayah,ba ma to decide.

yg psti lmbt lagi la kannn.kasi hbes blaja dpt krja kasi stable dulu la bro.hehh.haha.

dan harus igt.manusie hny mmpu merancang.selebihnye kuasa dan kerja Allah swt :)

eeman G ;)

random dan random

i miss the old days and simpler times when we were able to get together whenever we wanted to..

p/s : entry ini patot dipost dlu.skrg,im more stronger.i dont miss random people.i just miss my family.and i know thats the best :)

the stronger nurul eeman =]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

i love you!

salam.. fast.dah setahun 3hari from tarikh alis balik indonesia.dulu she said that she will be staying in surabaya for good.setelah lame dudok di msia..she thought that its time for her to live and stay with her fmily..FOR GOOD :(

mase nk hntr alis kat airport last year,mate bengkak2 xyah ckplahhh..smngu lebih baru dpt berenti menanges..SERIOUS WOHH..

alis dah mcm my second ummie.jage n accompanying me for almost 18years.i knew her since i was 6months old..
of course i love her..i mean,OBVIOUSLY! haha :D

tutop crite tahun lepas..ckp psl mlm ni..

act now tgh chat dgn ank alis kat fb.perghhh..tibe2 ckp psl penyakit alis..basically semue psl alis...daaaannn i cried lagi.sgt sebak lah kann bile cite psl ni lg2 bile ank die ckp 'mak lis loves u more'..soobss,i know how she felt..bile ade org yg lg rpt dgn mak kite dri kite sndri..mmg terasa lahh kann..sape xsayang mak kann..

haiyohh..tau x betape rase bersalah mcm amek mak org? frankly,i wanna alis to stay with her fmily since keadaan alis kat indonesia adelah sgt stable..and its time for her daughter dudok dgn alis..

BUT THEN,I JUST CANT BARE..xsngop nk bpisah dgn alis.xsngop.xnk.pleaseee..bukan sekaranggg :(

*plus,nnt takde org dah nk pngil name 'nurul' n 'sayang'..hahahahha ;)

till then,