Sunday, January 23, 2011

cuti habis.


hahaha.malasss ohh malasss.malas balik banting.haha.

cuti ni bermakne ke tak? tgk pndangan lah.kalau bak kate ummie mmg rugi smate2 katenye.psal cuti ni plg mls menghadap buku.

well as for me,xpela.cuti..cutila.kat mtric dah stdy. *ayt nk sdpkan hati.hahaha.

yes,ptg ni im off to balik adelah raye cine.

oh.alhamdulillah.setelah berbulan bulan cari jwpn yg dah lame nk tau,finally i found it.although final solution xbrape clear,at least ape yg slame ni nk ckp dah ckp.the clearification wasnt that bad. *ape yg kamu merepekkk ni eemannnn? haha.

i just want things can get back to normal mcm dulu.those days that i do not have to worry and do not have to concern about STORIES.those days that i'm strong enough to face on :)

okey.zaman itu sgt indah ye.yes,i am so thankfull for regaining my own faith back.

all that i want now are..

perform in my stdy.and be niceee to semue org.appreciate my precious teen life.haha.jgn nk teen sgt.dah nk 19 faham tak tahun ni?! deyy.hahaha.

nurul eeman.sile pulang ke bnting utk stdy dgn hati yg happy.jgn risau psl bnd lain.insyaAllah..everytg goes well.have some faith.focus on what u r doing n keep believing with your guts yg dlu u used to believe.kannn?? ape2,back to Allah.ummie ayah abe kakak and kak comey will always be there for you.they love you and they always do.kamon eeman.kamon! semue akan okey kan? :) YES!

-nurul eeman gashlan ^.^

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Kok Ho Goh said...

My maid may have found your wallet which I believe you may have dropped near my house in Shah Alam.

I don't have anyway of contacting you, as we could not find any contact number. So in googling you name we found your blogspot, which I am using to try to reach you.

Please call me at 03 55232919 to arrange to pick up your wallet.